Best Gun Safe Reviews

Best Gun Safe Reviews-Do Not Buy Before Read It

These days, lots of people have firearms, among us. We hold guns for security purpose, but it’ll turn dangerous if someone wrong gets it. Also, you don’t want your children to touch it. You can’t keep the gun at a far place as, you can need it anytime, but you also can’t keep on your desk! Big problem no? Here comes the gun safe to keep your gun safe . It is just not a normal safe. My Best Gun Safe Reviews of 2017 articles will clear all of your confusions.

Gun safe reviewsThe gun safe has to come in different size, weight and features also. Even, safes vary from where to keep and the gun size. Gun safes and pistol safes are different from each other. Some safes come with a biometric lock, while some come with digital locks. When you have to keep a single pistol, there is safe for you and bigger safe to keep more guns. These gun safes are the most secured safe and tougher than anything. You can also keep your valuables in it. So, gun safes have multi-purpose using option. If you have a gun, then you should buy a gun safe for both security and safety. Here, my gun safe reviews will make your searching much easy.


If you are a firearm holder, then you are better to have a gun safe. Risk happens when you keep it unsafe at home. You have kids at home. It is dangerous for them too as, they easily get fascinated by it. Also, the thief is a big problem as thousands of guns gets stolen every year. Moreover, due to the increase of thefts and accidental killings, law enforcers are putting emphasis on having a gun safe at home. That’s why I’ve prepared top 5 gun safes reviews to help you out from the confusion.


BARSKA Biometric Safe

NO 1: BARSKA Biometric Safe:


BARSKA Biometric Safe


Here comes my first small safe review, BARSKA Biometric Safe. A simple but incredibly tough safe. Coming with the most advanced security system, it has two types of locking system to keep your gun and other valuables safe and sound. Which means, it has a digital lock and the most secure biometric lock. You have to pass two layered security system. Built with high-grade quality steel, it gives you the total security that no other gun safe will provide you with. Giving you a compact space with the highest security, it is best for keeping single pistol or revolver. Be with me to find more amazing features about.BARSKA Biometric Safe.


Nobody can break a biometric safe as it won’t open or start without your body part. You’ll ask what’s so amazing about this biometric lock? Well, no other small gun safe for keeping a single pistol, don’t have any biometric locks. It can save up to 30 different peoples’ fingerprint. You have to re-register your saved identities in every six month.

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When you are going to keep just a single pistol, then you may not want to face many difficulties due to the safe. So, BARSKA has made the simplest gun safe to keep one gun with some space leaving free. It is easy to keep things, lock and open.


BARSKA Biometric Safe has two different lock system for giving you the best security experience. You can set a combination up and open it. And, for biometric lock, you have to scan your finger for opening it later. The biometric lock has a memory system, and it can save up to 30 entries. You can use both the lock or only one lock, entirely your choice.


Both the locked digital and biometric locks require the power supply from a battery. It the battery dies. The lock turns off. A full battery charge can run for few months, but when the battery is low, there’s a blinking light on the lock. It’ll beep red. Keep the biometric lock screen clean and smudge free.

I think you have got a quite clear idea about BARSKA Biometric Safe. Get it because it is too beautiful to keep your pistol or revolver safe.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

No 2: Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe 

Here comes the gun safe for keeping a single pistol, Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe. If you need a gun safe that will allow you fast access, then vault safe gun safe is the best product you’ll find on the market. There are no other gun safes that provide fall drawer. The fall drawer is a fantastic feature when a fall drawer opens; you can grab the gun even not looking at it. This is the best part of the gun safe. Also, it has a biometric locking system and a backup key for any problem. Two backup security key comes with this gun safe to recover the gun from any unexpected situation. The 9V battery makes the gun safe powerful.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe


Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe has the sleekest design ever. It is slim and has a drop-down drawer. You can keep the gun in the drawer and quickly grab the gun from the drawer. After you scan your finger on the biometric, the drawer will simply fall. Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe allows you to grab the gun easily. You can mount the gun vault to want anywhere; besides the table, under your bed or cabinet. It comes with different mounting instruments. So, that you can mount your gun safe easily.


The biometric lock is the most secure locking system of this era. It won’t open until you scan your finger or the part of the body that is saved in the lock memory. Saving up to 120 different individual memory, you can unlock for you and your expected other person also. The biometric lock is so fantastic and small that is barely seen on the safe gun body, which is also a security policy. It also comes with a backup key. For suppose, your finger is wet but needs the gun right now, then what will you do? That is why the backup key is required and made.


It is built with the toughest materials. Aircraft-grade-steel makes it the most durable gun safe of the market. It also has an interior lighting system for helping you to see the inside. Well, usage of foam in the drawer saves your pistol like no other safes does. Gunvault Speed Vault SVB500 gun safe has all of these excellent features to blow your mind.

Then why are you waiting? Go and get it. It won’t let you down.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

No 3: Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe:

Here comes another toughest but the small safe gun safe from SENTRY. Having a compact space, it can hold J & K seized revolver and a semi-automatic sized handgun. So, you can understand it is quite spacious, no matter what size of your gun is. High-grade steel has been used in making the gun safe’s wall and other chambers. It has a biometric lock and a combination lock that makes it near-impossible to open unauthorized. The combination lock makes it a unique gun safe. As it has to whisper quiet hardware, you can open it without noise. Also, it has been easy to access function. When you give the passwords, it opens up it’s lid, and you can pick it up quickly.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe:


Though it is made for keeping single pistol, it is made from aircraft-grade steel. Aircraft-grade-steel provides the best toughness that can come from steel. Also, it is reinforced with 12 gauges solid steel construction. So, never doubt about its integrity of safety.


Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe allows you to have the double-layered security system. Biometric lets no unauthorized person open your safe up as it scans your body part dirt then open up the safe. And, there is a digital lock also to keep your gun safe intact from opening. That’s why this totally secured. The gun safe will make you feel free.


You can open and shut the good gun safe just with one hand. Like, you just have to give your fingerprint on it, and it’ll open the lid. If you have set a combination previously, then just gave the combination, and without pressing any keys, it’ll open the lid. Also, it is applicable for closing the lid. Just push the lid to close, and it’ll shut.

This feature has made Sentry Safe Bio-metric Quick Access Pistol Safe and unique gun safe that comes with more security and muscle. Don’t wait for much, get it.

Why you need the best gun safe?

You have a gun, probably you don’t use it often. That’s why the gun is a safe & cool instrument for you. This is the biggest problem of every gun holder. When you keep your gun at home, always, you don’t feel to keep your gun safe but at workplace or shops, it is the most vulnerable place to rob your gun.

We all have kids in our home. kids from the early age feel fascinated about guns and pistols. And, when your kid gets a gun, he’ll definitely try to touch it and fire like Tom Cruise! This is the most hazardous scene as USA government states that every year 8 people get killed by getting shot by immature kids. So, you need a safe to keep your pistol away from your kid. In the home, normally you don’t need gun access unless you live in a forest type of areas. In homes, you can use single pistol safe. They are small in size and come with amazing locking features. For more read how to buy or choose perfect gun safe for you.

I secure my fully loaded gun and bullets in the safe and have the comfort of knowing it’s there when I need it.

When you are living in a forest in an area, or you have to keep the gun in your shop then you need an easy and fast access to your gun. In the shop, it has the big possibility of someone robbing your gun. Mobsters and gangster use illegal firearms so, it is very easy for them to take your gun, use it in illegal ways and this will put in legal problems. To avoid this, you need to keep your gun safe in some hidden place. When you have a gun safe at your shop, your firearm becomes more secured. You can’t even thrust a needle in any gun safe.

So, if you are a firearm holder, then you must have a “gun safe” as a lot of occurrences can happen.

How a gun safe protects your gun & you ?

When you have a gun safe, you can be assured of the safety of your gun. A lot of things get secured by the safe. A gun safe is that safe; you can’t even push a needle through it.

⇒ Helps you to blend in society: When you have a best gun safe, people can’t see your pistol or gun at all. So, you can live like other people. Actually, “when you are concerned about your security then you keep a gun,” people think like this. Moreover, when you have a gun safe, you’ll blend with people easily.

⇒ No chance of stealing: When, you keep your firearm in any drawer, box or any secret place, there it. Every year thousands of guns are stolen from homes or shops. That’s why you definitely will need a gun safe to keep your gun safe from burglars.

⇒ Finding it when needed: It’s an irony that a lot of people have stated that they didn’t find their guns when needed. It is really very regretting but true. You can sometimes forget where you have kept the gun. But, if you have a gun safe, then you just have to open your safe up to get the gun.

⇒ Keeping safe from fire: You always have some fire applications at home or workplace whatever it may be, candles or lighters. All gun safes are fireproof. Fire causes real damage to firearms that’s why when you keep your pistol or gun in the gun safe, the fire won’t be able to touch your gun at all.

⇒ Keep your valuables: Also, you can keep your valuables in your gun safe. When you have an extreme secured vault in your home then why you won’t keep your valuables in your gun safe! Yes! You can also keep your valuables in gun safes.

⇒ Looks good too: Gun safely comes in different designs and sizes. It just not only keeps firearms safe but also gives you a great outlook.

Now, I think; you have got plenty of reasons to buy a gun safe. Whatever you want to think you can, but it is true that keeping firearm at home without any prior security measurements is really dangerous. In USA, a lot of people are gun-holders, but they are not willing to keep safe of their firearms. Well, you must have a gun safe to keep you safe at any unwanted events.

⇒How to buy or choose perfect gun safe for you:

How to buy or choose the perfect gun safe for you:

If you own a firearm, then you must have a gun safe to keep your pistol or gun secured. And, we are here to help you with making your choice. Now, the question will arise why you’ll buy from us? It is because we have spent 9 years in firearm and gun safe marketing. I and my colleagues have experienced the majority number of gun safes of the market. That’s why we are confident that we can help you in choosing the right gun safe. Moreover, we have spent hundreds of hours in researching. These make to uphold the exact features of different gun safes in front of you.

Our website is just meant to help you out from the confusion that hundreds of gun safes will make you fall. That’s why we have made reviews of products and provided buy links. You can directly buy via our website. That will make your buying experience more awesome. Because, when you don’t compare to spend time on different e-commerce website , time saves!

Now, I’m going to give you ideas about understanding which size or type of gun safe will be better for you. Don’t get confused by gun safe’s shape and its size. Because, there are lots of types of gun safes in the market, but you have to keep in mind which type will suit you the best.

For office or home:

The first thing is you have to keep in mind that where do you keep your gun? At home or office. If you keep your firearm at home, then you may not need a bigger safe. And, for office or shops, you better choose a larger safe with tougher and thicker steel sheet. As there are lots of places at home where you can hide the safe but at workplaces, it doesn’t seem to have lots of hideouts.

For pistol or gun:

There are different safes for pistols, revolvers or guns. When you have to keep just a pistol then there are small gun safes. And, for guns, you can buy bigger safes.

Always buy larger than need:

It is because, when you have a safe to keep the gun in it, you may want to keep your valuables in it. That’s why it is better to buy a safe, bigger than you need it.

Go for a safe that is fireproof:

It is best to buy a fire-proof safe. As, most of the firearm is made of plastics and apparently, plastic dissolves in the fire. So, if you have to spend more, then I’ll suggest you buy a fire-resistant safe for your valuable gun.

Look after for features:

Though, our website will provide the features but some product may come more or less than the actual features. For that reason, you need to check the features thoroughly. Check for the lock, see what kind of it is, look over the steel walls and if there’s any hole on it.

These are the most knocking facts that you need to know before you are going to buy a gun safe. Keep these in your mind when you are thinking to buy a safe for your firearm. And, I believe, this how you’ll get your perfect gun safe.

Why you keep a gun safe and When you need a good gun safe?

We all know that a lot of people of among us, have firearms. Likewise, you know and I know; it’ll be not very surprising that we also have some people “bad.” Scary, isn’t it? Yes, there are lots of reasons for that you will want to have a gun safe. It may be you wish to keep your firearm away from your kid or from the thief, you’ll need a gun safe anyway. Well, we’ve researched a lot about it and I found four vital reasons that will make you buy a gun safe.

Keeping away from children:

Kids are the heroes of their own world! They don’t understand the merits or demerits . They just dream it and try to do it. Haven’t you seen kids fantasying about guns? My kid does, though! And, whenever he’ll get the chance, he’ll get your gun at once. It is the most dangerous thing you can ever imagine.

At least 2800+ children died in 2015 due to immature using of guns, found from a renowned website. It can be a number, but the aftermath is very agonizing. So, for keeping your child away from guns you need a gun safe.

Authorization problems:

Since the number of guns holders have increased, the number of accidental-shot cases has increased. And, when law-enforcers researched about it, they found it happened because of not keeping the gun at the safe position. Now, even some insurance companies give the extra commission, if you are a gun holder and have a gun safe. States like Massachusetts are even charging a fine for not keeping your firearm in a safe.

There are lot people who have a firearm so, it’ll be too tough to raid every single one and find them, is that what you are thinking? Is it yes? Then you are completely wrong. All gun holder citizens are listed, and it is not too tough to find everyone out. Hurry! Grab a gun safe before a patrol officer come over your house and find you down!


It is not unknown that gangsters across the roads have a great interest in illegal guns. They use them in different illegal activities. For such reasons, there are lots of gun-theft cases in the police record. So, you must keep the gun safe.

Because, if your gun gets lost away and gets to use in any illegal work, you also become accused. It is the rule. So, where you may keep your gun, at office or home, keep a hard eye on it.

Live like others:

You may use a gun because of safety matters. But, when people see a gun under your desk, they’ll get scared. But, if you keep your gun in the safe, two things happen. Firstly, the gun remains safe and secondly. Nobody sees it. That’s how a gun safe also helps you to socialize.

These are quite some scary, essential and brilliant reasons to buy a gun safe! Grab one before these happen to you. Look here for the best gun safes of 2017.

 Benefits of Using A Gun safe:

These days’ law enforcers have noticed a severe increase of accidental killings caused by children of keeping the gun unsafe at home. If you are a gun holder then, you can face the problems some day. You have kids at home, and also you can use the gun safe to keep your friends away who nags at everything without your permission! That’s the reasons which for. You will need a gun safe.

Nothing comes with an adverse effect. Does it?

As I have told you the lot about its mechanisms, and now I think you may want to know about some advantages and the disadvantages. Likewise, I have told you; we’ll show you the good thing along with the bad so, trust us. And, you’ll know why gun safe is a must be keeping the thing for you.

Children can’t touch it:

When you have a right gun safe at home, children can’t reach your firearm as it won’t open without the password. So, kids remain safe.

None can steal:

These days there has been an alarming rise of stealing guns. And lots of legal problems will happen regarding you if your firearm gets lost. So, a gun safe will protect the firearm from getting lost or stolen.

Nobody will find it:

We all have some friends who love nagging in our things without permission! And, you won’t like to see somebody holding your revolver without permission. A gun safe will solve this problem.

Finding a particular place:

You’ll keep a gun safe always at the same place. That’s why you’ll find a gun safe always at the same place. Sometimes, you may forget where you have kept your firearm, and that can turn into a serious problem. But, using a gun safe, you’ll find it at the same place all the time.

Best security option:

A gun safe offers biometric locks, numeric and combination locks which are the way much safer options than key locks. At home, the best you can provide is, hide and lock it down, but gun safe gives security by securing it with biometric.

As, nothing comes without some bad effects, I also think there are some negative(probably) perspectives of using a gun safe. Though, it doesn’t mean using a gun safe will never create a problem, but you should know some facts.

Battery life:

Most of the safe comes with a built-in battery. But, some of the customers have reported that their battery had dried very fast. It can turn into a hazardous situation. As the locks are operated by only the battery, and you won’t be able to open the safe if the battery is over.

Time taking operation:

Sometimes, you may have to spend more time when grabbing the gun.You’ve to open the vault by giving finger prints and combinations or locks. These locks can turn time killing not all the time but in some cases.

These all are the pointed advantages and disadvantages. So, take no time to decide, which is the best safe among the others in the market. But, keeping the disadvantages aside, the advantages of the gun safe are vast.

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Gun safes are the toughest place to keep your gun safe from all the possible problems. You can think it as a tough thingwhich is damn hard to operate!
Is it? No, not at all. It is real to take care and look after.
Think it as a single cupboard. How do you treat your closet? As per gun safe, you just have to buy it and place it at alocation that is generally hidden from eyes. Typically, gun safes don’t require a lot of care, but you have to keep some thingsin mind.

»»Battery: This is the thing that you need to take care of. Because of, most of the locks, either biometric or digital run by the battery.So, you need to keep an eye on the battery indicator. If the battery dries out, you won’t be able to open the gun safe.

»»Temperature: Most of the biometric locks don’t approve your finger match when the temperature in colder than the saved temperature.Make your finger warm if the environment id too cold.

»»Keep away from water: Though most of the gun safes are made of aluminum, you’ve to be cautious. So, keep the safe away from water. Water may also create stains on the walls of the safe.
These are the primaries cautions that you need to keep in mind and take care of those facts. I hope your safe will work like fantastic.

History of gun safe

From a long since, people are trying to keep their valuables safe. It can be the food of the stone-age or money of this era. That’s how the idea of safe came. After ages, people have kept modifying models of safes. And, after that, people have created safes for different things, and one of the modified safes is the gun safe.

During the 1700s, people first invented safes that were made of wood. But, it was not fire-proof and water resistant. That’s why it was needed something that’ll be fire-proof and water resistant. And, by the end of the 1700s, there was the practice of cast iron safe. These safes were entirely made of cast iron.

Though cast iron safe used to provide the toughness, the weight and heat-conductance became the significant problem.

But, in 1820 a company changed all the thinking about the safe. Jesse Delano starts making fire-proof safes. It was a fantastic making system by combining wood with mica and ceramic. Wood made it light with toughness and mica, and others made it fireproof.

This is how people started to think about creating a safe. And, as days went by, people found that safes become mess by keeping all the necessary things together.

Now, what to do?

The solution was to create different safes for particular things. That’s how gun safe came. And, after days and with advanced technology, now gun safes have biometric locks and other different digital locks.

Guns are more dangerous and hazardous that’s why makers put the best effort on making it. For me, it is safer than traditional safes of the market. This is how the gun safe was invented, and nowadays governments are also putting emphasize using a gun safe if you are a gun holder.


Ques: Are gun safes better than regular safes?

ANSWER: Actually, both are same, but gun safes are more compact in size. Gun safes are made to keep guns only, but people also keep their valuables in it. Also, they come with significant security measurements.

Ques: Can I mount it?

ANSWER: Yes, of course you can. There are drilled holes in every safe to mount your safe.

Ques:Are biometric locks are sometimes problematic?

ANSWER: In general, never! It is easy to operate. But, you have to keep an eye on the battery indicator.

Ques:Are digital locks better or biometric?

ANSWER: Of course, digital locks are better. But, in most of the safes, there is double locking system.

Ques:I just have to keep a single pistol, do I need to buy bigger ones?

ANSWER: Well, always buy little bigger than your need. Then you’ll be able to keep other valuables too in it.


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