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What is Biometric?

So, now that you are willing to know about biometric gun safes and trying to find the best biometric gun safe for you, don’t you think you first need to know what “biometric” actually is?

Well, what phone do you use? Have you ever unlocked any phone with your fingerprint, or face recognition maybe? If yes, then you’ve already used biometric security system! How cool is that!

Well, Biometric actually is the method of identifying or recognizing a person using their biological traits! That can be any identical trait of a human such as fingerprint, face, eyes (retina, to be exact), voice and more.

In the cases of biometric gun safes, a fingerprint is mostly used as the identical trait of an individual because it’s reliable, accurate, very tough to manipulate and surprisingly pretty cheap, thus the safes are not too expensive to buy for general people.


How biometric gun safes work?

As I said above, all the biometric gun safes work taking an individual’s fingerprint as his or identical trait. To be simpler, they detect you by your fingerprint.

Identifying you is a two-step process. Initially, you have to save your fingerprint in the system by scanning it. The system converts the scanned fingerprint into a series of numbers and saves it into its memory.

Then when you need to open the lock, you put your finger (same which you put during initial saving) on the scanner again, the system will turn the scanned image into series of numbers and compare it with the previously saved one. If it matches, you are a go! If it doesn’t, stop there! Who are you trying to open others’ safe? (no worries, the machine will say this to other people only, not you)


How reliable biometric gun safes are?

Now, the question is, how reliable and accurate are biometric gun safes? The thing I just mentioned which the machine will say to other people, may the machine say that to you, the owner, sometimes?

This can happen, sometimes! If the reader pad that scans your finger is not clean, it can misread your finger and thus won’t let you in. If you are getting one of these safes, keep it clean with a Q-tip often. And, if your fingerprint has changed in any way, maybe you’ve got a cut or scrape on your finger which might change the shape of the print, therefore, it may not scan properly again.

Though as a bright side, most biometric gun safes these days allow several fingerprints to be recognized, so you can program all 10 of your fingers as accepted fingerprints. Thus, even if the safe can’t recognize your thumb, you’ll have 9 other fingers to open the safe.

Avoiding this little drawback, biometric gun safes are very reliable. This identification method has been around for a long time now and it’s constantly being improved and modernized with advancing technology. It is nearly impossible for someone to hack in as it turns your fingerprint into a set of numbers which is not convert-able into a fingerprint again that the hacker might want to use to open the safe.

Another good thing about the biometric gun safe is that you don’t need to remember a password or combination which can easily be forgotten or stolen. It’s all done with your finger which belongs to you only!

And, it is a very cost efficient yet highly effective security. So the price of the biometric gun safes does not go out of reach of general people. So it’s is one of the best security systems you can dream having off in your gun safe!


Advantages of Owning a Biometric Gun Safe:

A biometric gun safe has certain advantages that make it a must have over other type of safes for gun owners. The biggest advantage of this is the unique password (your fingerprint) that only you have.

Look, codes or combinations are vulnerable. People can steal them in many ways, maybe through social engineering, stalking or any other way. Your kid may see it when you are entering the code and later he’ll have access to the gun safe, which can be dangerous. And if you need to make the gun safe accessible for multiple people, you’ll need to tell them the code, which someone can steal from them. You’ll have nothing to do in that case, if anyone steals the code from others. So codes or combinations can be extremely vulnerable I think.

But, with a biometric gun safe, this isn’t a problem at all. How can anyone steal a code, if there’s isn’t one? The only code is your finger, which belongs to you only. And, if you want to make the safe accessible for multiple people, you can do easily as most of the biometric gun safes these days allow you to store several fingerprints. So again, the code can’t be stolen from other people as well, as there’s no code again. Only they can access it with their finger, so no one can exploit them and get the code to open the safe. So a biometric gun safe is extremely safe.

There are some other advantages as well that I can think of. Such as-

Easy Emergency Access: In a panic situation, it’s likely that you might panic and it can be tough for you sometime to remember the passcode or combination and enter it correctly. And even if you do remember it, it can be time-consuming for you to get access to the gun.

But with a biometric gun safe, you don’t need to pressurize your brain to remember anything, just put the finger on the safe and it’s open. And it’s very fast as well, so won’t waste any time of yours more than a second in an emergency situation. And you can access it in dark as well, which can be a very crucial advantage under some situation.

Convenient, Easy to Use: You already know how easy it is to use these safes. Just put the finger on it, and it’s unlocked in a second. And these safes are usually smaller than other types, so it’s convenient to carry these safes or to hide the safe under the bed or seat of your car.

Child-Friendliness: There’s no chance that your kid is having access in your gun safe by remembering the code he saw you entering. It’s only your fingerprint that is accepted, so his game is over.


Which is the best biometric gun safe? Top rated fingerprint gun lock; Recommended by Editor:

So, I know a biometric gun safe is a cool thing to have. But the problem is, there’re a lot of models and manufacturers available in the market. Are all of these safes good? Among these vast options, which is the best biometric gun safe to have? And which is the best biometric gun safe for you to have according to your circumstances?

I’ll shortlist the options for you. I know which biometric gun vault is good, which is not! So I’m providing some best biometric gun safe reviews here according to my research on them. Hope it helps.

BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe

Editor’s Pick: BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe – The all-round & Best biometric gun safe for the money:

I’ve picked this and calling it as all-round gun safe, because it satisfies you from every aspect, be that performance, reliability or price. It’s a compact, very well built biometric safe that you can depend on to store your gun, or some other document also.


BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe

This safe lets you program 30 fingerprints in it to open the safe later on. This is great, because if for any reason, your thumb (which people generally use in these cases) gets scratches or something, the scanner might reject it. So you can program all your 10 fingers in it which solves this problem. Or you might program the same finger from different angles, so no matter from which angle you put your finger on the scanner, it recognizes it. And you can also program your families’ other adults’ fingerprint in it who might need to open it in any case. So this feature gives you options!

The BARSKA biometric gun vault is very well built indeed. It’s made from solid steel which is close to indestructible. The locking bolts are also made from solid steel and they are motorized. If you can lock it properly with a strong surface, it’s almost impossible for anyone to snatch it from the surface in anyways. As a drawback, this safe if not built waterproof, so I suggest not to store any document in it.

The safe is powered by four AA batteries and the included ones are supposed to serve you for around 2 years. It gives a signal when batteries are low. And if the batteries go dead in any case, it comes with two emergency backup keys which you can open the safe with. Though I always recommend to have fresh batteries close to hand and replace the batteries of the safe whenever it shows low battery signal.

As some other convenient options, it has a silent mode, which will get activated if you hold the button for ten seconds which is located on the side of the open lid. It will also beep when the door is left open as a reminder of closing the door.


  • All-round safe that performs great, doesn’t break the bank either.
  • Let’s you program 30 fingerprints in it for more options.
  • Very well built from good materials.
  • Features silent mode, door closing remainder.


  • This safe is not fireproof or waterproof.
  • It does take a few seconds for the door to get locked after you close it.



Some Other Top Rated Biometric Gun Safe Reviews:

Well, the BARSKA Biometric gun safe being my best pick for the best biometric gun safe, there are some other top rated biometric gun safe models in the market that I appreciate. So here I’m providing those top rated biometric gun safe reviews which I believe will be of help.

GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault

GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault; Best Biometric Handgun Safe:

If you are particularly looking for a specialized handgun safe, then the GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault is got to be your first choice. It’s not made to satisfy any other purposes that the BARSKA Biometric safe might do, it specially made for a quick and secure access to your handgun.


Gunvault SVB500 Gun Safe

This Handgun safe is able to mount almost anywhere, in any direction. And for quick access, it has a fast activation drop down drawer. After you put your finger on the scanner, it scans it real quick and the drop down drawer pushes the gun out in lightning fast speed for you to have an easy and quick access. The fingerprint scanner is brilliant, pretty fast, and accurate and it can save up to 120 prints. GunVault has 20 years’ experience with biometric and they didn’t disappoint here at all.

The safe has 18-Gauge steel construction, with a protective foam-lined interior to protect your handgun from getting any scratches. The fittings are also very precise which makes it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.

Overall, from all aspects, like a smart and useful design, biometric scanner performance, build quality, this safe is a champion when it comes to securing your handgun. So I thought I should post a detailed review of this best biometric handgun safe. Here’s the link to the GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review. Check it out.




Now, let's have a look at the best biometric rifle safe review

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652;

Best Biometric Rifle Safe:

The BARSKA AX11652 Biometric rifle safe can be a great option for those people who’s looking for a gun safe for longer guns, like rifle and shotguns.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652


This is a great front-opening biometric rifle safe that is designed to be mounted on the wall or floor. This safe is pre-drilled with 6 mounting holes and comes with mounting bolts and guideline to mount it easily with floor, wall, or any other flat surface.

The safe door is well secured with a 3-point deadlocking system. The safe body is rock solid being made out of 2mm steel which ensures nobody can break through into it. It has a nicely finished matte black color coating. It has a beeping mechanism, means it will beep when the door is opened. This can be turned off though, if the situation demands. Instructions are given in the manual it comes with.

You can store up to 4 rifles, guns, and ammo in the chamber inside. There’s a removable section, rifle safe barrel holder which will keep your rifles lined up and ready for action. A small shelf is also fitted inside that can be used to store ammo and spare magazines.

The fingerprint scanning system is intelligent, fast that opens the safe within 4 seconds every time. It is pretty accurate as well and can store up to 120 fingerprints. The 4 AA batteries that are needed to run the system comes included, and you’ll also get an emergency backup battery pack. You’ll get 2 backup keys with it so that if the reader fails for any reason, maybe battery drying out, you can still access your firearms.


  • Biometric system is intelligent, accurate, and fast. Fingerprints remain stored even if the battery dies.
    • Solid and well-built, almost impossible to break through in.
    • Interior is well designed to keep your firearms and ammo organized.
    • Steal for the price.


  • It is not waterproof or fireproof, you should expect to pay a lot more if you want to get one with these facilities.
    • Might fall a bit short to store some longer rifles.




Mini Biometric Safe


BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe; The Smaller Biometric Gun Safe Box By BARSKA:

The AX11620 Mini Biometric Gun Safe from BARSKA is a sweet and compact biometric fingerprint safe for people who are not looking to secure a lot of stuff in a biometric safe. It’s an ideal safe for safely storing handguns and other sensitive equipment, like personal documents, jewelry and so. To give an idea of its internal space, it can store two handguns securely with some spare space.


BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe


The fingerprint scanner in it is great as always, up to BARSKA standard. BARSKA has always been good with the biometric mechanism and so is this one. The scanner reads fingerprint accurately almost every time you can even access it in the darkest room easily. It can store up to 30 fingerprints and it is enough quick as well, generally takes 2.5-3 seconds to open, but never ever takes more than 4 secs. Keep the fingerprint scanner clean, remove any smudges or prints from the fingerprint scanner with a dry cloth for better performance.

It is well built with great quality steel and no is breaking through in, be assured. It also has a quickly opening manual two point solid deadbolt locking system. The opening of the safe is as silent as you want it to be, no louder than a whisper, and same when closing as well.

The biometric system runs on 4 AA batteries which come included and a set of batteries can last up to 2 years, that’s how much less energy it consumes. It also comes with a protective floor mat to keep your guns or pieces of jewelry scratch free. It has factory pre-drilled anchor points which allow you to permanently secure the safe to the floor or wall or any other flat surface with the included mounting hardware.


  • Biometric system is better on this model with better accuracy and speed.
    • Compact in design.
    • As quiet as you want it to be.
    • Affordable, worth every penny.


  • The mounting system is not great, could be better.




Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe:

The Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe is a great specialized pistol safe with some innovative features like one-handed access, gas powered strut to lift and hold the safe door open and many. This is not a common usage safe where you can store from documents to guns & jewelry and other things, it’s specialized for pistol and handguns.
Some features of this safe make it accessible with one hand only in the entire retrieving process.


Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe


Firstly, it doesn’t have any button to warm up the scanning process. It has a copper strip underneath the scanner that detects the warmth and this initiates the scanning process. After the safe is unlocked, you don’t need to pull any handle to open the lead. It has a gas powered strut to lift & hold the lid automatically. The gun storing position inside is also designed in a way that you can grab it from the safe with one hand only. So just put your finger on the scanner, it detects you and opens the lid for you and you grab the pistol quickly with one hand, entire one handed and quickest possible process.

Sentry Safe is very silent as well. It does not make a sound if you don’t want it to be (means if you activate the silent mode). And It will just flash the LED lights as a response to your action to ensure you that it’s taking your orders.

And biometric is not the only way to open this safe. It also has a combination locking system. You can use any of the opening systems depending on your convenience. And for emergency cases, it also comes with two emergency opening keys if the biometric or combination locking system doesn’t work for any reason.

You can store one full sized handgun or two super compact pistols in it. The interior is 2.2 in x 9.7 in x 6.6 in (H x W x D) in size and it is specialized for accessing the gun with one hand. It has a surface pad as well.

And lastly, the construction is great. It’s solidly built with 12 gauge steel which is thicker than the standard thickness for gun safes. The safe is rock solid and sturdy.


  • One handed and quickest possible access to the gun.
  • Very silent hardware for the demand of the situation.
  • Multiple ways to open the safe.
  • Solid built with better-than-standard steel.


  • Optimized for clip based weapons only, so not versatile.
  • There could be an emergency handle on the lid for backup if the automatic system is not working.



Biometric vs. Standard Gun Safes:

Whether you are buying a biometric gun safe or a standard locking (electronic or mechanical) gun safe, all you’re looking for a place to keep your gun secure. But what are the basic differences between these two types of safes and what are their particular benefit? Let’s have a look.

How are they accessed?

The biggest difference between these two types is how we access the safe.

Key or combination: This is the mainstream method of locking and opening a safe. Safes having these type of locking system usually have a strong locking mechanism, and to access the safe one must know the combination or key code, or have a physical key.

Fingerprint: This is the modern and smarter way of securing a safe. Safes having biometric security system has a fingerprint scanner where the owner has to scan his fingerprint to save it into the system. Then the print acts as the password. Every time he has to unlock it he will have to put the earlier saved finger on the scanner and the safe will recognize the owner and open itself.

Speed of Access:

If we compare the speed of access to the safe, Biometric always win. Why? Because in a combination safe you got to hit multiple buttons and then give the machine time to judge the code to open the safe. But in a biometric safe, it’s much simpler and faster, as from your point of view, all you got to do is to put the finger on the scanner. Most good quality biometric safe will take 3-4 secs only to recognize and open the safe for you. Biometric will always save you some important time, which can be very crucial in some tension situations.


Both of locks are safe. But the good thing about biometric safes here is there is no chance of your password (means your fingerprint) getting stolen. Your fingerprint only belongs to you, so is the password to open the safe. But in a standard safe, there’s a high chance of the combination code getting stolen. Someone might see you entering the code, your kid may hear it when you were telling the code to your wife, and there can be many other ways. So biometric safes are more secured and safe from this aspect.


Usually, standard combination or key safes are cheaper than biometric safes. So if you are looking to get something in cheap, you might look for a standard combination gun safe. Though biometric safes are not that much costly these days. Biometric itself is not a costly security system, so the safes, I believe should be pretty affordable for someone who can afford a gun. If you’re spending so much on your gun, you should spend some money on securing it as well.
I highly recommend getting a biometric safe with spending a little more. Why? Because by spending a little more, you’re getting way better security, better speed of access and you’re getting smarter! So Biometric Gun Safes worth every penny of the extra spending I believe.

Some Tips for Using and Maintaining a Biometric Gun Safe:

There are some tricks you can follow to get the best out of your biometric gun safe. These help the safe perform better, and last better too.

Wiping the scanner after every use: To get better and more accurate performance from the scanner, use a dry cloth to wipe it properly after every use. Make sure there are no smudges on the scanner which can make the scanner perform less accurately.

Testing registered fingerprints in every 6 months: Check whether the system is recognizing the registered fingerprints or not in every 6 months. This gives you an assurance that it won’t let you down in emergency situations.

Keep an eye on the battery: Battery is a very important fact for biometric gun safes. If the battery goes down somehow the system will act as dead and won’t power up to initiate the process of scanning and recognizing you. Thus you’ll have to use emergency backup keys to access the safe. To avoid this, keep a close eye on the battery health and change it whenever it signals low. For most BARSKA gun safes, if you hear 3 repetitive beeps when the door is closed and indicator lights flash red, it is an indication low battery. So have a fresh set of batteries with you and change it whenever needed.

Let the safe breathe: Try to open the gun safe whenever you get time and then remove the contents. Let the interior breathe a bit and you can clean your gun too on this occasion.

FAQs about a Biometric Gun Safe:

Though I believe if you are reading till this you shouldn’t have any question about biometric safes. But still, I’m answering some question here that I often get asked about biometric gun safes, as many people skim through.

Q: Which manufacturer makes the best biometric gun safe?
A: Well, can’t answer straight forward. Every manufacturer has some good and bad products. But overall, the best brands these days are Barska, Gunvault, Sentry Safe. They are pretty reputed companies in this industry for making quality safes.


Q: Biometric vs Standard gun safes, which one is better?
A: I answered this question in detail in the article. Have a look at that. And in a sentence, I think biometric is way better and smarter than standard gun safes, with a little bit more spending though, which I believe is worth it.


Q: How many fingerprints can be programmed in a biometric safe?
A: It varies from model to model. You’ll get this info in the product description while you’re buying online. Generally, the good quality biometric safes allow you to store 30 fingerprints. Though there are some models that store up to 120 fingerprints.


Q: What happens if the fingerprint scanner suddenly refuses to work?
A: You get 2 emergency backup keys with every biometric safe. If the scanner refuses to work for any reason, maybe because of the battery going down, you’ll have to unlock the safe with provided keys then. After opening the safe don’t forget to change the battery.


Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews – Verdict:

Having a biometric gun safe can spell the difference between life and death. And I believe I’ve given you all the information to pick the best biometric gun safe for you. I’ve given you-

  • A basic idea of biometric technology
  • Mechanism of biometric gun safes and their reliability

I’ve compared and shown you why biometric gun safes are better over standard safes. And most importantly, I’ve provided best biometric gun safes reviews here that will help you determine if that safe is good for you and not.
Still, if you have any queries, feel free to ask me in the comments below. I’ll be happy to help you pick the best biometric gun safe for you.


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