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Top 5 Best Gun Safe Under 500 USD In 2017

The right to own guns is a privilege that has been given to the citizens of the United States by her constitution, unlike some other countries where it is prohibited. Guns are very delicate objects that should be handled with great care. Therefore, there is a need for guns to be kept safe especially in the home. The essence of gun safe keeping can be expressed with this phrase “with great power comes great responsibility.” Hence, it is the responsibility of the gun owner to keep the gun safe, from wrong hands which can include intruders and children. Today we bring in the Best Gun Safe Under 500 USD to secure your gun at a cheaper price !

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Safes have been discovered to be a reliable tool for safe keeping. It is often used to keep and store several valuables such as expensive jewelry, important documents and so much more including guns. There are several gun-safe in the market. However, this article only takes a look at the five best gun safes that can be found on the market for less than $500. This is so to ensure that gun- safes can suit in any of the income levels or personal budget. These five are:

  • Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Safe
  • Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652
  • Stack-On 10-Gun Black Double Door Security Cabinet
  • The V-line quick access keyless long gun safe
  • The home gear five rifles electronic gun is safe






This gun safe weighs about 180 pounds and has a height of 52.25inches. The width of the safe is also 38inches and a depth of 18.25inches. The stack-on 16-gun convertible double door safe has two sections. The first section holds up to 16 rifles or shotguns or only 12 long guns. While, the second section which has about four removable compartments, can be used to store ammunitions, handguns, scopes, flashlights as well as other accessories. Also, if you are looking for more space for more guns in the second section, try removing the compartments to create more space which can contain about 10-12 guns.

Another important feature of the stack-on 16 – the gun convertible double door is the presence of doors made of reinforced steel. Each door has a large locking plate made of steel found in front of the locking mechanism. Each section has its 3-point lock system. This gun safe is popular for its pre-drilled mounting holes on the back and bottom of its cabinet to bolt it down and ensure better security.

Another important figure of this model of the gun safe which is both intriguing and exciting is the multiple barrel rest at the security cabinet which can also be used to keep rifles and shotguns. This helps to keep weapons in place.




  •  The door is made from reinforced steel to increase durability
  • The large capacity of the gun is safe.
  • The presence of pre-drilled holes to increase security
  • The 3-point lock system
  • The adjustable steel compartments
  • The presence of the barrel rest that helps to keep the weapons in its place



  • The fitting of the door is not very tight
  • This model of a gun safe is quite heavy
  • There is no fire or water protection



Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652



The Barska quick access biometric gun safe has been said to hold three rifles. However, it has been established that the safe can only hold 2- rifles. A key feature of this safe is the biometric technology used for its incredible locking system. This type of locking system enables the owner to access the weapon in case of emergency easily. This feature is the major reason the Barska gun safe is known to be a home weapon safe.

The Barska safe weighs 66 pounds with a size that is 8.6 ×9.8 ×52.17. The Barska quick access biometric gun safe has been made from powder – coated steels which ensure durability. The door uses a 3-point deadbolt which should be mounted before usage. The safe due to the biometric technology can save up to 120 different identities in its memory to ensure the accessibility. The scanner is powered by 4AA batteries that last up to two years. If the indicator light is red and there are three repetitive beeps after closing, this indicates that there is a need for battery change. This brings us to another amazing feature that comes with the Barska safe; two extra batteries usually come with the safe.


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  • The presence of the biometric technology
  • The large capacity of the gun is safe.
  • The ease of accessibility
  • The high memory that stores up to 120 different identities
  • The two extra batteries
  • The manual 3-point solid deadbolt locking systeme



  • The small capacity of the Barska
  • There is no fire protection





This gun safe has certain similarities with the stack-on 16 – gun convertible double door gun safe. These similarities include the presence of two sections, with section two also having four removable compartments. Another similarity can be seen in the kind of locking system; the double steel security cabinet also makes use of a 3-point lock system like the convertible double door. The stack – on 10-gun also has pre-drilled holes making it possible to be bolted to the floor or wall to increase the level of security.

However, certain differences exist between the two models of the gun safe. Such differences can be found in the capacity of guns that can be contained in the safes. The former holds more rifles than the latter, where the convertible double door holds 16- guns, the double door steel security cabinet holds 10. Their sizes also differ; this gun safe has a size of 13.5×32×58.1 and weighs 116.1 pounds. A major feature of this safe are the four removable compartments that are carefully padded with foam to avoid scratch. The doors of this gun safe are not made of reinforced steel like the convertible double door. Just like the stack-on 16 – gun, the stack – on 10-gun holds handguns, ammunitions, scopes, tactical flashlights and other gears.



  • The gun holding capacity of the gun safe
  • The presence of a 3-point lock system
  • The predrilled holes feature
  • The four foam – padded compartments that ensures durability
  • The capacity to hold other weapons and gun accessories



  • The safe will need to be assembled after purchase.
  • There is no fire protection






This V-line quick access safe is a small gun safe that weighs about 10.9 pounds and has a size of 3.5×12×42. The capacity of the V-line is limited due to its small size. It can hold two long guns without flashlights or scopes. It has also been noted to hold a rifle and a handgun perfectly fitted. The entire body of the safe is made from steel which has been given a powder – coated finish for protection. The V-line gun safe uses a mechanical lock that has been programmed to enable changes in the push-button combinations as many times as possible and whenever.


  • The entire safe is made of steel that has been finished with powder coating to enable it last longer.
  • The push-button combinations can be changed anytime to suit your needs.
  • The safe is light in weight, making it easy to handle



  • It has little gun holding capacity
  • There is no warranty on this safe








The safe has a weight of about 75 pounds with a size of 13.8×11.8×57.1. The home gear 5-rifle electronic gun safe, from its name, can be seen to be a model of safe very suitable for home guns. This gun safe can hold up to 5 rifles. It also comes with an interesting package of a lockbox, which can be used to store additional valuables like jewelry and so on. The safe is made from heavy duty steel that is 2mm thick in the walls and 4mm thick in the doors. From the name, one can also deduce that it uses an electronic keypad lock system.

To open this safe, the code is pressed, the handle is turned, and the safe is open. Another wonderful package of this safe is the backup key which can be used instead of the electronically operated locking system or in the case of dead batteries. The batteries used by the keypad are 4AA batteries that can last up to two years depending on use. The home gear safe is also known to be CE and RoHS product certified.


  • The safe comes with an internal lockbox
  • There is room for handguns and ammunition
  • There is an alternative locking mechanism
  • The safe has been constructed to be easily



  • This gun safe is quite heavy
  • It has poor quality hardware that can cause damage to walls
  • The keypad visibility is usually low at night.





Thanks again for reading my post about Best Gun Safe Under 500$ . These are the 5 top choices of gun safes on the market that can be acquired for less than $500. Their prices range from more than $200 – less than $450. Therefore, owners of the gun should be able to purchase a safe for their guns to ensure they are kept safe. Be responsible for the safety of your home by ensuring that guns are carefully kept away from intruders, children or simply the wrong hands. However, while ensuring that guns are kept safe, also ensure that the gun is easily accessible in case of danger or attack for protection.

Top 5 Best Gun Safe Under 500 USD In 2017

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