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Gunvault SVB500 Gun Safe

When you always want to keep your gun besides you, then Gunvault SVB500 will be the perfect gun safe for you. Having the best design in the market Gunvault SVB500, it has a fall down-drawer. Furthermore, it is sturdy and sleek, so, everyone can’t find it quickly. Moreover, it has the fantastic mounting system, and that makes it unique from other gun safes. Impressive security system, it Now, I’ll show you extensive descriptions of the features, so that you can be assured of the quality of the safe.


Gunvault SVB500



⇒Tough interior and exterior: When you are going to keep your gun in somewhere, you’ll try to get the toughest safe that you could find. And, when you find something any small, you question about the toughness. But here, Gunvault SVB500 has used the best-quality steel to ensure the toughness.

Gunvault SVB500 is built with 18 gauge steel to provide rock-solid toughness. It is used most often in locks, and now Gunvault SVB500 has used in it so that nobody can break it easily. That’s why it is the most secure and robust gun safe.


⇒Fall drawer: Want a gun safe that will let you grab your pistol quickly?

Gunvault SVB500 gun safe will allow you to take the pistol quickly from the safe. After giving the fingerprints, the drawer will fall down on its own, and you will be able to take the gun easily from it.

This feature makes the gun safe unique. Also, fall-down drawer works quietly. In the case of fire arms, It is imperative for the gun safe to operate quietly. Gunvault SVB500 is made with fantastic joints and components so that it doesn’t make any sounds.


⇒Fingerprint locking system: Keys can be made; Password’s & patterns can be stolen, but nobody can steal anyone’s fingerprint. That’s why fingerprint locks are the safest locks of this era.

Gunvault SVB500 has a fingerprint scanner that makes it totally unbreakable. This fantastic gun safe has a small scanner on its deck. For this reason, it is people can barely see it. Even, it is also a security initiative of the gun safe. It’ll make burglars confuse when they find no locks to open, but it’s still locked!


⇒Fantastic Interior: Gunvault SVB500 gun safe has the amazing interior system that you may not find in other gun safes. Having a LED inside the chamber, you can see the inside even your room is dark enough. Most of the safes have no lights inside, and it can be proved problematic in some cases.

Foam padding has covered the bottom entirely. As, the pistol will be kept in the upright position, so it is very easy to get any scratch but when the compartment is padded it is very secured

⇒Fantastic Mounting position: You can mount it beside your bed or table. It is very easy to mount as it has a factory made-drilled holes. You also can mount it under your desk in the office. This gun safe is perfect for offices and homes. You can easily put the safe anywhere and in any position.

These features make this gun safe, unique, robust and people’s favorite.

And, I’m using it for one years without any problems.



1. Lightweight but toughest.

2. Fall drawer lets you grab the gun quickly.

3.18 gauge steel toughness.

4. 9-volt battery

5. Interior foam padding, and the back-up key.



1. Takes a little more space.

2. The scanner may take some little time.

3. Some customers complained that battery dries up easily.

So, I think I’ve made you pretty clear about the product. It got 4.5 stars on 5 stars at our editor’s review. Don’t waste time! Get it and experience the amazing quality and service.

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